Jane Torrance, Candidate for Almonte Ward, Answers Questions

1) Recognizing that seniors walk daily to access support and services, visit friends and neighbours, and to stay fit, what initiatives would you propose to enhance your community’s ‘Active Transportation’ infrastructure?

– Adoption of whole street concepts that are friendly to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic
– Adoption of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Healthy Communities Partnership Vision: http://www.healthyllg.org/endorsement.php
– Installation of crossing signal, light, intersections at high traffic/high problem areas
– Painting of cross walks more than once a year, and consideration of high visible coloured paint and cross walk signs (e.g. neon green at high traffic/high problem areas)
– Examination of our policies of when to install stop signs as a means to slow traffic
– Comprehensive review of traffic problem areas and calming policies including public consultation
– Ask for suggestions from local and provincial accessibility committees

2) What commitment of resources does your community put towards addressing public transit and how can this be enhanced?

I will support the exploration of a Lanark County transportation system that would allow travel between our communities for work, health appointments, services, recreation and family connection. Currently, there is a fee for service system but not a scheduled public transportation

3) Would you propose your municipal government use municipal resources and municipal lands to increase the number of affordable housing units for seniors? If so, what resources?

Yes – I would support using municipal lands for affordable housing units for seniors when there are guarantees that the units remain affordable. I also support the waiving of development charges to encourage affordable housing for all families.

4) How does your community engage seniors and utilize their skills, gifts, and talents and how would you improve upon these efforts?

Good community development welcomes all members of the community, regardless of age, and recognizes their skills, gifts and talents. I am a community builder in my career, and I will use these skills in my public position.

5) Does your community have a forum for discussing communication and information with seniors? How would you improve on existing efforts?

I have a communication strategy in platform, and will communicate with ALL ages
– Council Conversations BEFORE each Committee of the Whole meetings
– regularly scheduled Ward Community Conversations (minimum twice a year)
– continue block ad in the Canadian Gazette
– copy of block ad sent to Millstone News and repeated on Town website
– Key Messages (decisions, directions, new information, important dates and updates) sent by Town staff immediately following COW and Council meetings to Millstone News and Canadian Gazette, and placed on Town “News” portion of website (generating an email to all who subscribe)
– minutes of meetings sent to Millstone News
– Mississippi Messenger print copy
– examination and update of web site for clear communication example

6) How does your community cooperate with health and senior service agencies in your area? How can these relationships be stronger and more effective?

Mississippi Mills is fortunate to have a strong advocate for seniors in The Mills Community Support. The Mills has an excellent relationship with health and service agencies
I currently coordinate a Children’s Planning Table – a Council for Children, Youth and Families – and would welcome the expansion of this Council to include Senior and Adult services. Coordinated and integrated services are good for all.

To conclude:
I value a whole age-friendly community that:
* recognizes that all citizens have a wide range of skills and abilities.
* understands and meets the age-related needs of all citizens.
* respects the decisions and lifestyle choices of all citizens.
* protects all citizens who are vulnerable.
* recognizes that all citizens have a lot to offer their community.
* recognizes how important it is to include all citizens in all areas of community life.