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The BrainHQ program is a complete cognitive training system, developed by an international team of over 100 scientists under the leadership of Dr. Michael Merzenich, a world authority on brain plasticity and Chief Scientific Officer of Posit Science. Our clinically proven, brain training exercises have demonstrated a broad array of cognitive benefits published in over 70 peer-reviewed, prestigious journals, including a landmark study led by the world renowned Mayo Clinic.


Memory improved by 10+ years

Auditory system improved by 131%

Visual system improved by 300%

Peripheral vision extended by 200%

Car accident risk reduced by 50%

Everything worthwhile in life begins with that first, small step. Why not get started now on your path towards optimized brain health and improved Memory, Attention, Brain Speed and so much more. For what represents a fairly modest investment today, may in time, yield very generous returns in the form of markedly improved brain health!

Start your journey towards a more satisfying, empowering and richer living experience now!

Full access to BrainHQ costs as little as $10 per month on an annual subscription – Our CARP members benefit even more and receive a 10% discount. Please login to view details.

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In the words of Dr. Merzenich, “we have worked hard in our labs and done our share to help people understand their brain and show them how to prevent unnecessary brain aging or fix it before it’s too late; beyond this point it’s their responsibility to take it, or drop it!”

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