CARP’s Policy Papers


CARP advocates on a variety of large policy issues that affect the lives of all Canadians. CARP’s Top 10 Advocacy Issues provides a high level summary of the most pressing issues although CARP’s issues extend beyond just those ten.

CARP’s policy papers go deeper into the research and CARP’s advocacy position including the issues’ background and context as well as specific policy recommendations for government. Each paper is also paired with a policy brief that provides a high level summary of CARP’s position, including important facts and recommendations.


Healthcare : “One Patient – CARP’s Care Continuum” Policy Paper

  • CARP is calling for a care continuum, in which the health care system is transformed into a single seamless continuum of care that gives patients clear and direct access to care from first diagnosis or acute episode, through acute care, home and community based long term care, through to end of life needs. Summary brief can be found here.

Pensions: “CARP’s Vision for Pension Reform” Policy Paper

  • CARP’s Vision for Pension Reform Paper calls for a supplementary Universal Pension Plan (UPP) that would work like the CPP, allowing Canadians to safely supplement retirement savings through a large national plan. CARP’s UPP would be independent of government or single employers, have mandatory enrollment that would use the existing payroll deduction mechanism, and be professionally managed, with a focus entirely on optimal performance. Summary brief can be found here.

Older Workers: “CARP’s New Vision for Engaging Older Workers” Policy Paper

  • CARP is calling on government and employers to work together to create an employment landscape that recognizes the importance and value of older workers to help them keep their jobs or get new ones. Summary brief can be found here.

Elder Abuse: “CARP Action Against Elder Abuse” Policy Paper

  • CARP is calling for a comprehensive strategy to detect and punish the most egregious manifestations of elder abuse but also to prevent the abuse from occurring in the first place. Summary brief can be found here.

Age-Friendly: “The Case for Age-Friendly Cities/Communities” Paper

  • CARP is calling for all levels of government to help create Age-Friendly Cities and Communities that increase social cohesion and participation of everyone, instill people’s confidence in navigating public spaces, and allow people to remain in their communities throughout their life stages.

Caregivers: “CARP’s New Vision for Caregiver Support” Policy Paper 

  • CARP is calling on the government to recognize the valuable role informal caregivers play in taking care of older Canadians and allowing Canadians to recover from illness and age at home. CARP is calling for a comprehensive approach to support caregivers and meet their various needs.Summary brief can be found here.

Dementia: “A Paradigm Shift for Dementia Care” Policy Paper

  • CARP is calling for a paradigm shift in dementia care so that patients and their families can better manage their needs and have access to resources to help them live well with dementia.

Registered Retirement Income Funds: “Eliminating RRIF Withdrawals” Policy Paper

  • CARP is calling on the federal government to completely eliminate mandated minimum RRIF withdrawals.