The CARP Poll Report: Public Health Poll


Key Findings


A substantial minority of members thinks an Ebola outbreak is likely in Canada, but twice this many see a flu outbreak happening, which is closer to the truth. Canada is seen to be well prepared for either eventuality. Best measures to prevent an Ebola outbreak are seen to be developing a vaccine or screening at the borders, while flu is seen to be best dealt with by widespread vaccination. An outbreak of either disease is seen to be equally serious.

The vast majority of members got a flu shot last year and will get this one this year, most got it from a pharmacist and there is wide agreement getting vaccinated is a social duty. There is agreement that those who campaign against vaccines are misinformed and are a danger to public health. There is also agreement vaccines should be mandatory for health care workers and a substantial minority think they should be mandated for everyone. Few members have had the shingles, all are aware of the vaccine and about a third have been vaccinated.

Political Preference The Liberals have opened up their lead over the Conservatives and the NDP remains in third place.