CARP Health Focus Poll Report



Key Findings

December 19, 2014: There is wide agreement the health care system needs disruptive change to become sustainable, and there is virtually unanimous agreement that CARP’s five health care pillars; socioeconomics, preventive care, timeliness and accessibility, caregivers and end-of-life, are important to this process.

One half of members agree the health care system must undergo major improvements to become sustainable, while a third believe it needs to undergo a fundamental, disruptive redesign, and reducing wait times, reducing the rate at which costs increase and making the system more patient-centred and less procedure oriented are seen to be the ways to do this.

The vast majority approve of CARP’s call for a more patient-centred system, three quarters agree the system is difficult to navigate and one half agree that the health care system as constituted meets the principles laid out in the preamble to the Canada Health Act.

Virtually all members find CARP’s five pillars of health care reform (addressing socioeconomic inequalities in care, illness and disease prevention, timely access to care in the right place, caregiver support and end-of-life care) to be important to reforming the system.

Three quarters agree that the health care system will have to let go of some cherished privileges and customs in order to rebuild.

The Liberals remain in first place, and the NDP in distant third. More members think the Liberals will win than plan to vote for them, which is a good predictor for a Liberal victory if the election were held today.

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