Early Onset Dementia – WHAT NOW?

Article by: Betty Payne

“We must look for the opportunity in every difficulty instead of being paralyzed at the thought of the difficulty in every opportunity.”

Robert Kiyosaki

You have just received a diagnosis of Early Onset Dementia, although it’s been a part of your life for a while now. So many questions – the fog has suddenly gotten deeper and thicker. Now what???

The journey ahead will encompass and challenge your spiritual, emotional, physical and financial foundations. All of these foundations will be tested in the days, months, and years to come.

Overwhelmed, fear of the unknown invades our lives. The understanding of current and upcoming losses strikes in so many areas. The loss of control permeates our thoughts.

We at EODA (Early Onset Dementia Alberta) are standing in the gap to help lessen the fear and provide education and support from those who are and have gone before you on this journey. Early intervention in every area is a must.

On the financial landscape, incomes are one of the early losses many families will experience. Assets will be depleted quickly. Everyone needs a financial plan – to know financially what options are available to manage the long road ahead. We need coaches to walk with us through the monetary changes that will happen moving forward. Imagine the relief in knowing your financial plan is in place early. Then all your energy can be put into looking after you and your loved ones.

Everyone needs someone whom they can trust; someone who understands the long journey through dementia. If you have a trusted financial advisor already, see them immediately after a diagnosis. If not, we (EODA) are here to help. If you have questions or concerns, I am available. Contact me at [email protected] for help to navigate through the twists and turns of life.

We have choices. We can decide to be islands – trying to figure our journeys by ourselves; or open ourselves up to the opportunity of community, where we can grow, learn, and empower ourselves and others, and finish our race with hope and dignity.