Advocacy group wants tougher laws for elder abuse

Click here to watch the interview that aired on City News on July 21, 2015 featuring a commentary from Susan Eng, VP of Advocacy at CARP saying that there should be laws in place to report elder abuse, and a complete system to regulate healthcare professionals, and an enforced duty to report amongst professionals and the broader public. Furthermore, Eng responds to concerns over staff doing harm to those in their care, by saying that there needs to be a complete system in place to track professional misconduct to make sure that they do not get re-hired and continue to do harm.  About 10 percent of seniors are subject to some form of elder abuse, but historically this is underreported. Eng expresses that there should be a mandatory duty to report, and amidst preventative measures there should be support services in place that help counter social isolation amongst seniors by regularly checking in.

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