Update from CARP North Bay & District – September 21, 2015

Hello Zoomers (those are Boomers with Zip)!

Your Chapter board has been busy this quarter and is happy to announce Zoomer North, our annual conference and AGM will be presented October 20 at the Clarion Inn, North Bay. If you identify yourself as a CARP member you will get a special price if you wish to stay over. Secondly, we are pleased to announce a new Seniors Advocate function which is being supported with a grant from Ontario’s Seniors Secretariat. We received the grant in the spring in response to our application to help seniors throughout our chapter area by providing information and limited direct assistance with complex issues like access to home and community care, pensions, drivers testing over 70, wills, estates, credit card fraud and bankruptcy.

On that note, we recently encountered a question put to a patient who arrived in the emergency department which prompted additional research. Did you know some EDs in hospitals immediately ask you if you want to be resuscitated! Did you know they consider CPR a “heroic effort” and offer you the choice whether to have it or not? Now there is such a thing as an order “Do Not Resuscitate” or (DNR) which some patients put in a will directive when they have terminal illness. However, to be asked that in an emergency department for a chest infection when you have never heard of it before seems a bit unfair. That is question you ask yourself when preparing a will and directive when you have time to think of the implications – and there are many.

Our conference will cover that topic and many more this year, all of which we believe will benefit you in your relationships will your parents, your own needs as you age and with your children. Don’t be disappointed, seats are limited, register now by filling out the attached form . CARP North Bay & District – Registration Form

R.M.(Ron)Farrell, President & Board Chair

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