Seniors call for action nation-wide on National Seniors Day October 1 – flag raisings in 42 cities across the country


Seniors call for action nation-wide on National Seniors Day October 1 – flag raisings in 42 cities across the country

September 27, 2015

Toronto, ON – CARP chapters and Seniors Vote – a collaboration of over 50 seniors’ groups – will raise flags on October 1, 2015 in major cities and communities across Canada to celebrate National Seniors Day and call for action on retirement income security, health reform, housing, and income inequality in the midst of the Federal Election campaign. Local city mayors, local elected officials, and candidates of all four federal parties have been invited to recognize the contribution of senior citizens in Canada and to heed their call for action.

There will be an event hosted by CARP National office as well in 42 municipalities across the country.

CARP National Office Event Details:

Date:                     Thursday, October 1, 2015
Time:                     12:30pm – 1:00pm
Location:              Toronto City Hall, flag poll

Open to media and the public.

In addition to CARP National’s event in Toronto, 42 CARP chapters across the country will raise the CARP flag in their respective communities with their locally elected representatives. See list of all 42 CARP chapter events here.

“Seniors have been recognized as an important voting block in recent elections. All parties made major drives in the 2011 election to court seniors, which ultimately resulted in an increase in GIS, a caregiver tax credit, action against elder abuse, and an end to mandatory retirement. This election is no different, as each major party has again made substantial promises aimed at  earning the votes of older Canadians.

We will be unpacking and comparing the promises made so far so that CARP members and older Canadians generally – among the most politically engaged voters – will have a clear picture of what the various parties are promising to do to address their priorities.” Susan Eng, Executive VP, CARP.

Member organizations of Seniors Vote, such as the Congress of Union Retirees and the National Pensioners Federation, are also raising flags on National Seniors Day, and together with CARP, Seniors Vote calls for:

  • An increase to the CPP and strengthened retirement income support
  • Supports for low-income single older Canadians
  • An end to retroactive erosion of earned pension benefits
  • A national universal pharmacare plan
  • National home care standards and sustained funding
  • Financial support and workplace protection for caregivers
  • Affordable and supportive housing and assisted living services
  • Reduced income inequality affecting Canadians of all ages

See full list of Seniors Vote member organizations and demands here.

Also attached is the current summary of election promises made so far to address our priorities. This will be updated throughout the rest of the campaign as new information is gathered.

During the election campaign, CARP members are also hanging CARP’s “door hangers” on their front doors to let local candidates who canvass the neighbourhoods know what issues are important to them. The door handers say “Dear Candidate, I am a CARP member. I vote. Tell me what you will do to: increase the CPP, reduce drug costs, get more home care, reduce poverty among seniors, help older workers.” Also, together with Seniors Vote, CARP launched “Get Out the Vote!” Campaign to help encourage older Canadians to get their family members and friends to vote in this year’s Federal Election.
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