Chatham- Kent Chapter: CARP Raises Flag in CK

Click here to read ‘CARP Raises Flag in CK’ by Simon Crouch –Black Burn News, October 1, 2015

Members of the Chatham-Kent Chapter of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons raised their flag at the Civic Centre today to mark National Seniors Day.

But their chair, Sharon Allen-Jubenville, says CARP is not just about seniors in fact there is no age limit and has members as young as 30.

“Because no one really retires any more we just change jobs, and because we are such a large group, 300,000 members across Canada we’ve become quite and advocacy group,” she says. “People want to join CARP just to get some of the benefits and be part of the community initiatives that we are involved in.”

She says CARP advocates for health care, pharma-care, pension and other issues.