Announcing CARP’s 2017 Impact Report

February 2017 – CARP released its 2017 Impact Report & 2016 Annual Review which highlights the advocacy group`s biggest wins last year and top priorities for 2017.

In 2016, CARP biggest advocacy wins included: increasing CPP, restoring OAS eligibility to 65, securing a $3 billion commitment to homecare, securing an additional $1000 a year for Canada`s poorest seniors and reducing drug co-payments in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

In 2017, CARP is launching campaigns to:
– Stop elder abuse;
– Protect Canadians retirement savings;
– Hold government to its home care funding promise;
– Advocate for financial and respite support for caregivers;
– Reduce surgical wait times (except in Ontario),
– Reduce soaring electricity costs (in Ontario)

For full details, please read CARP’s 2017 Impact Report and 2016 Annual Review (Canada) and CARP’s 2017 Impact Review and 2016 Annual Review (Ontario).

Check out CARP’s Top Priorities for Canada 2017.
Check out CARP’s Top Priorities for Ontario.

“Federal and provincial governments need to hear from Canadians on policies and legislation that sooner or later affect us all. CARP ensures that older Canadians’ voices are heard in Parliament and that vital political promises are made and kept.”
Moses Znaimer, CARP President

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