Why National Pharmacare?


According to a recent poll, 6% of CARP members have not filled a prescription in the past two years due to cost. In total, 8% of CARP members face significant difficulty funding their medications, while a further 25% face some difficulty.

That’s why CARP supports the creation of a universal Pharmacare plan. No one should have to choose between food, shelter, or medication. The Ontario provincial government’s commitment to universal Pharmacare for all Ontarians 65 and over is important both on its own, and as a signal to other provinces and the federal government about the importance of this issue.

Your voice matters. Join today to support CARP’s work for a national universal Pharmacare program. CARP advocates for better healthcare and financial security for older Canadians so that we can all live with dignity and respect, no matter our age, postal code or pocket book. Join today at carp.ca/join.