Coverage for Some Biologic Treatments Ends in BC

Stethoscope and medical records

The deadline for BC patients to transition from certain biologic to biosimilar drugs is in 30 days (November 25th, 2019).  Here’s what this means for you.

Many patients currently taking a biologic medication, a classification of biologically active medicine prescribed for various conditions like arthritis, colitis or diabetes, may be required to change their drug treatment to the biosimilar equivalent option*.  This is a cost-savings measure taken by the BC Government— and is a change that could potentially expand treatment options for some, while taking freedom of choice away from others.

*This change affects specific medications at this time.

How have you been affected by this change?

CARP wants to hear from you. Have you or a loved one already switched your medication?  Has this been a simple process?  How has it affected your treatment?  Have you experienced other impacts?

Any information shared will help to inform CARP’s work to ensure that governments employ an age-aware approach to policy, programs and funding for all elements of the health care continuum: preventive, acute, chronic, long-term and end-of-life care.