All provinces/territories have declared emergency + Trudeau says most premiers don’t think Emergencies Act needed yet

COVID-19/coronavirus update: March 25, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that provinces could be called upon to share critical pandemic supplies — such as ventilators — with other provinces, but most premiers do not think it’s necessary “at this time” to invoke the federal Emergencies Act.

Speaking to reporters outside his residence at Rideau Cottage, Trudeau said invoking the act would give the federal government special powers to coordinate and rearrange logistical supply chains — but most premiers on the call late Monday told the PM they don’t think that’s needed right now.

“Most of them indicated that if it became necessary, they would of course support it, but they didn’t feel it was there yet,” he said.

“I impressed on them the need to further coordinate and provide data on things like how many ventilators they have, so that we can make sure that they are going to the areas — maybe not in their province, but next door — that need them the most and ensure a better level of flow of emergency equipment to the places that need it.”

Every province and territory has already declared either a state of emergency or a public health emergency.