THE CARP 5 – Make Vaccines More Accessible

Ontario must continue to invest in best in class vaccines for older adults. Adult Immunization is an effective and cost-efficient way for Ontario to protect the health of older adults.

The “Big 3’ in preventable illnesses – flu, shingles and pneumonia – have now become the “Big 4”, thanks to new life-saving COVID vaccines.

It’s tempting to think everything is fine. After all, Ontario is a national leader in the availability of vaccinations for older adults. But there is still more work to do and leadership to be shown.

CARP wants to see:

  • Better accessibility through wider availability of NACI recommended high dose flu vaccines

Although Ontario funded and provided the NACI-recommended higher doze influenza vaccine for everyone over 65, there are still shortages and distribution issues every flu season. The senior-specific fly shot should be widely available and easily accessible to every Ontarian over 65 – in doctor’s offices, pharmacies and public health  clinics.

  • Increased availability of the shingles vaccine at no cost

Ontario is also a leader in funding the shingles vaccine, but imposes limits on who qualifies for access without out-of-pocket payments. Ontario must increase the availability of the shingles vaccine, at no cost, to everyone over 50.

  • Streamlined access and more funding for the pneumonia vaccine

Though studies show that the pneumonia vaccine can save many lives, Ontario requires seniors to pay for the vaccine – out of pocket – at their pharmacy. Then they have to take that prescription to their doctor to have the vaccine injection. This combination of high cost and inconvenience must be eliminated. Ontario must fund no-cost access to pneumonia vaccines for all Ontarians 65-plus.

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