Preparing for Influenza and COVID-19 this Fall – National Webinar

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CARP National Webinar – Recorded June 20th, 2022
Influenza Vaccination During a Pandemic

Preparing for Influenza and COVID-19 this Fall

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  • What’s the latest news on both flu and COVID-19 vaccines?
  • Is flu coming back? (Hint: Yes it is!)
  • Responding to those who are nervous or skeptical about vaccines. How our body’s immune system is aging with us.
  • What about covid-boosters? Can I get both flu and covid shots together? And why we must be sure to get BOTH flu and covid vaccines?
  • Influenza vaccine does not prevent COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines don’t prevent the flu… but both viruses can be debilitating and even deadly for older adults in Canada.
  • Learn why CARP is advocating across Canada for the need for the NACI recommended high dose vaccine for most of our members age 65 and older? Not all provinces are distributing the seniors higher dose flu vaccine equally. Find out why and what’s happening in your province!

The pandemic has shown how important vaccination are for public health. Learn more about how these vaccines work, their efficacy what we know about the negative long term effects of influenza and COVID-19 to the unvaccinated population.

Our Guest Speaker:

Dr. Dion Neame is the Country Medical Lead for Sanofi Canada. He is also a pediatrician working in Pediatric Urgent Care clinics in Southwestern Ontario. He graduated from Medical School in 1991, followed by postgraduate training in Internal Medicine at Michigan State University and Pediatrics at McMaster University. He completed a fellowship in Primary Prevention of Disease / Clinical Teaching at McMaster Children’s Hospital. Dr. Neame has practiced Consulting Pediatrics in Southern Ontario, held the position of Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University in the Department of Pediatrics for over 20 years, and was Chief of Pediatrics at Joseph Brant Hospital for 4 years.