Listener’s Choice -Toronto Mayoral Election

In a field of over 100 candidates running in the Toronto By-Election for Mayor, (June 26, 2023) not everyone can get the attention of us here in the media, or from advocacy and community groups, like CARP.

Libby Znaimer will be hosting the CARP debate live on Fight Back with Libby Znaimer (  on Wednesday June 7th at Noon, with eight of the leading candidates for Mayor… which will be the largest number of participants in a Mayoral debate this year.
But, we want to know who else we should be talking to and hearing from?
Who are your long-shot candidates? Who is the “listeners choice” that isn’t part of the current list of front runners that we heard about in the news?
Let us know which candidate you’d like us to give more attention to.. and tell us your “Listener’s Choice”