Watch – CARP Toronto Mayoral Debate

Wednesday, June 7th 2023

CARP was pleased to welcome the eight leading candidates for the 2023 Toronto Mayoral By-Election, hosted by Libby Znaimer and shared across the Zoomer Media radio and digital channels in Toronto.

The Candidates

  • Ana Bailão (former City Councillor and Deputy Mayor)
  • Brad Bradford (Toronto City Councillor)
  • Chloe Brown (third place in last Mayoral election)
  • Olivia Chow (former Toronto Federal MP and City Councillor)
  • Anthony Furey (Toronto Sun, National Newspaper Columnist)
  • Mitzie Hunter (former MPP and Ontario Minister of Education)
  • Josh Matlow (Toronto City Councillor)
  • Mark Saunders (former Toronto Chief of Police)

The CARP debate is aimed generally at older voters in Toronto, but certainly the issues important to older voters are not limited to traditional “seniors” issues.
So our topics will be broad but how they affect our demographic will center the conversation.


Toronto senior strategy… Housing, long-term care, home care…
General decline of the city. (Graffiti, Garbage, Neglect.. .What does Toronto look like post-COVID and post-Tory)
Taxes and affordability.
Personal safety and police response
TTC customer experience, investments and future
Mental health and drug abuse/addiction
Construction, development, housing
Traffic, congestion, maintenance, active transportation, Toronto’s expressways.