CAA Club Group of Companies Signs on as New CARP Recommended Insurance Provider

The word is out! If you attended the CARP Annual General Meeting on February 22, 2023 you have already heard the news. CAA will carry the CARP Recommended Seal as its New Exclusive Auto, Home, Life, Travel and Pet Insurance provider starting April 1, 2023 (Ontario) and May 1, 2023 (Rest of Canada).

As a part of our mandate, we not only advocate for the issues facing all Canadians as we age but also provide partnerships, programs and benefits to our members that help us age at our best – in all aspects of life. CARP is always evolving and constantly looking to find, evaluate, approve, and partner with best-in-class organizations that deliver the best products, at the best price as a benefit for our members.

As such, we are very pleased to have announced our Partnership with CAA that will provide Auto, Home, Life, Travel and Pet Insurance coverage, offering you better coverage, at a better price and with better service. CAA is a Canadian organization that was founded in 1903 and is one of Canada’s most trusted brands, offering insurance, roadside assistance, travel, and more. They not only understand the needs of Canadians but the unique needs of Canadians as we age.

Everyone knows that you should visit and revisit your doctor, dentist, and ophthalmologist on a regular basis; and don’t forget that annual colonoscopy. But no one ever checks their insurance. We diligently and often automatically make our monthly payments without asking if there’s a more comprehensive, more competitive non ageist option somewhere else. I’m proud to say we’ve discovered that there is.

Innovation is not a term people often associate with insurance, but the industry has evolved and now CARP is moving along with it. All these years, I thought we were offering our members a good deal. But compared to what was offered before, CAA provides better coverage for a better price with better customer support, including for older Canadians who may think it’s too late, too risky, and too expensive to switch. I heartily endorse CAA carrying our respected CARP Recommended Seal. Plainly put, with CAA, CARP members will be better off.” – Moses Znaimer

The partnership becomes active on April 1, 2023 (Ontario) and May 1, 2023 (Rest of Canada) so please keep us in mind as your renewal dates or upcoming travel plans near so that you can see how much you save.