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What is CARP?

CARP works hard to uphold the rights and improve the lives of Canadians as we age.  With over 300,000 members across Canada, we are committed to effecting real change for older Canadians and are making their voices heard.
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CARP is here for You.


CARP Advocacy aims at a social change to help bring financial security, equitable access to high-quality healthcare, and freedom from age discrimination. CARP’s job as an advocate is to push governments into action, to protect the policies that promote healthy, prosperous, and dignified aging and to advocate for change in areas where gaps in law and policy make aging difficult. Every member CARP has makes us stronger, and our voice even louder.


CARP delivers the offers and savings our members want the most. Save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars on products and services like healthcare, travel, insurance, cellular service and so much more. Also, get access to incredible tools and resources that allow you to better manage your health and finances – all included with your CARP membership.


CARP is committed to building a strong sense of common cause and common voice by bringing together a broad diversity of individuals, groups, and communities. We’re strengthening our national influence by forming active, goal-oriented Chapters led passionately by volunteers working to uphold the rights and improve the lives of Canadians as we age. Chapters host social events, educational seminars, and opportunities to get involved and champion issues to improve their local communities.