Kidney Care: Innovation is Finally Emerging

We know CARP members are proactive about well-being. But you maybe surprised at just how critical kidneys are to your overall health.

Here’s some information about kidney health that we want you to know.

  • We know that kidney disease is highly prevalent: 1 in 10 people globally have kidney disease.
  • We know that only a half of those with kidney disease are even aware that they have it.
  • We know that it’s a progressive disease. And when kidney function is lost you can rarely get it back
  • We know that according to kidney disease guidelines, far more people should be screened for kidney decline than actually are.
  • We know that new treatments can greatly improve patient outcomes, especially when provided in the early stages of kidney disease.
  • CARP believes more Canadians getting screened for kidney decline means a healthier population.

Now that you know all this, the next time you see your doctor, go ahead and ask them about kidney screens. If it helps, write this down or snap a photo: uACR tests your kidney damage through a urine test and eGFR tests your kidney function through a blood test.

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Ps – come back again! We will have more information coming in the weeks ahead on the issue of kidney screens and kidney health.