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From The Canadian Barley Tea Company

Bored with water? Quench your thirst all day with roasty refreshment!

mo’mugi is Canada’s FIRST & ONLY barley tea, made in the Shuswap, British Columbia with the finest local organic barley. 100% Canadian and inspired by Japanese mugicha, the #1 daily drink in Japan for over 500 years, enjoyed daily like water. The taste is earthy and roasty, with an inviting popcorn aroma. Delicious hot & cold! So easy to make: Just drop 2 mo’mugi teabags into 1 litre of cold water, steep in fridge for 1 hour and enjoy the scientifically proven health benefits:

  1. Increases circulation better than water
  2. Soothes stomach inflammation
  3. Provides antioxidants
  4. Helps fight tooth decay & won’t stain your teeth

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