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Stannah is recognized globally as the company that brings freedom, independence and a keen sense of safety back to anyone who has difficulty overcoming the challenges posed by the stairs in their home. Around the world there are more Stannah stairlifts in place than any other brand.

As a CARP Member you can save $200 off your new Stannah Stairlift!

Ever since Stannah was established as a family-owned company 150 years ago, we have been committed to quality craftsmanship. Safety, reliability, and value are the tools of our trade, while you, our customer, remain our primary focus. We design, manufacture and install slim-rail stairlifts that are easy to use and above all, to keep you safe while you enjoy the freedom to move about your entire home with complete independence.

It’s your home. It’s where you raised a family. Full of happy memories. It’s where you belong. It’s where you should stay. And Stannah will help you every step of the way!

Orders require an appointment with a Stannah Advisor, please have your CARP membership card on hand.

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