Save 40% on Wills and Powers of Attorney with CARP’s newest Member Benefit Partner

From Upper Canada Wills & Estates

Smart strategies, convenient virtual meetings, and clear advice you can trust

At Upper Canada Wills & Estates, we are dedicated to connecting people looking to have their Wills and Powers of Attorney prepared by lawyers (notaries in Quebec) at reasonable rates. Let us provide you with Peace of Mind by having a legal professional prepare your important estate documents.

The operating premise of our business is that Canadians should have the Peace of Mind in planning their end-of-life decisions by using the expert advice of lawyers.

It is important that you know that your Last Will and Testament properly provides the bequests to your family in accordance with your wishes. It is important that you are confident in knowing that with properly drawn Powers of Attorney, decisions to be made for your healthcare and financial needs will be by someone you trust and can depend upon.

CARP members receive a 40% discount on the national average rates for individuals and couples for Wills and Powers of Attorney prepared by licensed lawyers in every province and territory.