What do I Need to Know about Housing in Canada?

Affordable and appropriate housing for seniors in Canada is an ongoing CARP priority.

In our large 2023 survey, 74% of members said they were “concerned or very concerned” about affordable housing.

Food bank use increased by a staggering 36 per cent among Ontario residents 65 and older in 2021 alone and has ballooned by 64 per cent since 2008, an indicator that suggests seniors are struggling to obtain affordable shelter, which results in insufficient funds to pay for food.

How is CARP Advocating?

  • We want to the government to be more proactive and creative in developing more opportunities for co-housing and other affordable housing solutions for seniors that do not involve decades of waiting for a solution – Canada’s older adults cannot and should not wait.
  • Governments should ensure that, whatever their age or ability, every person in Canada can live in housing that is fully accessible. To this end, we call on every level of government to make universal design mandatory in every unit in all new multi-unit residential buildings.
  • CARP continues to fight for cost of living measures and affordable housing, which help to ensure vulnerable seniors are not out in the cold.

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved.  Find out more.