What do I need to know about pharmacare in Canada?

Canada’s drug insurance system is fragmented and expensive. High out-of-pocket costs – including co-pays and deductibles – can be a major financial burden, particularly for older Canadians, many of whom are on fixed incomes.

We know coverage across government-administered plans in Canada is inconsistent, leading to disparities in access from province to province. We know our federal government is exploring pharmacare to help address inconsistencies and improve access.

What we know won’t work?

A single public plan that replaces existing and private plans – in our push to move forward, let’s not reduce the quality of coverage or our ability to access newer, more efficient and effective medications faster.

What is CARP Advocating For?

 A system that works for every Canadian and ensures older Canadians  have the access they need, when they need it:

  • Closes current coverage gaps: let’s help ALL Canadians access a high quality drug plan
  • Provides better and faster access to new medicines: let’s move UP THE RANKINGS for developed countries on speed and comprehensive access to treatments
  • Reduces or eliminates out-of-pocket costs for Canadians: let’s TACKLE THE AFFORDABILITY CHALLENGE for many seniors at the pharmacy counter 

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved.  Find out more.