CARP Fights. You Win.

When we talk about a New Vision of Aging for Canada, we see nods and smiles. But getting action is something else.

CARP informs, persuades, badgers, asks, counsels, cajoles and makes trouble…all at the same time, across many issues, and we don’t stop until we get results.

As a result, we have an impressive winning record. Of course, we didn’t do it all by We had the help of inspired individuals and partner organizations along the way, but we either led the fight or were heavily involved in these victories. So check out our report card and see all the issues where we’ve succeeded on your behalf.



ELIMINATED Mandatory Retirement at the Age of 65
CREATED pension splitting for seniors, fighting off an attack to take it away
REDUCED minimum withdrawal rates on RRIF’s
ENHANCED the Canada Pension Plan for future generations of seniors
ENSURED that Canadians collect Old Age Security at 65, not 67 as threatened
WON a commitment to invest $3 billion more in home care, enabling seniors to live independently for longer
✔ GAINED an extra $1,000 a year for low-income seniors
STOPPED a 70% co-payment increase to drug benefits in Ontario

Now look at our current list of unfinished business:
• Cut back sky-high electricity costs
• More homecare and more caregiver support
• Cut wait times for medical appointments and procedures
• Investor protection for seniors
• Eliminate mandatory RRIF withdrawals

Our fight would be even more effective with your help and support in the form of membership. We’re 300,000 strong today, but 500,000 or even a million, would be better still, because Bigger Numbers means Bigger Clout.

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