We know that the advocacy efforts of CARP have a profound effect on the politicians and the issues that are of importance to people 50 plus. Look at our recent results on Income Splitting for Seniors and also minimum Health and Safety Standards for retirement homes as only a few that are making a difference to our members. Go to for a more complete list of advocacy efforts.

We are now able to generate revenues for the local chapter by increasing memberships. This does not cost members more money, and in fact if you avail yourself of the services of our many partners, you will more than save the cost of membership, possibly for a lifetime.

We have over 4100 members in the Sudbury area, and if each one of you would sell one membership to a friend or relative or neighbor we could double our strength in numbers. This would give us the clout to deal with government issues, and we would surely be a force to be reckoned with. The cost of a 1 year membership is still $19.95. You will receive 9 publications of the highly regarded CARP magazine and will be able to access many services at a discount, available only to CARP members through our affinity partners.

When you help out the local chapter as well as our national office you are helping all citizens across the country who are 50 plus. Today there are over 358,000 members.

The Sudbury and Area Chapter Board has agreed for a limited time, to also give any existing member, a free one year membership in Sudbury local for obtaining each new national membership, a $5 value. Further, if they also sell one year membership in the local Chapter for $5 annually, we will give you a further 6 months free on your local chapter membership.

Please take advantage of this opportunity! Call anyone of our Board members to obtain applications or take the application form from the magazine and record CH 9 on it. Let a Board member know the name of new member and we will extend your Chapter membership by one year. If you are not a local member, you will get one year free.

We need your help! Please give us your support in the interests of all Canadians 50 plus.

For further information please contact Darwin at 705-866-2145