Press Release: Mr. Christie’s half-baked educational policies

Toronto, Ontario – February 28, 2003: “Rescind your policy to save money on the backs of young children and seniors,” is the message from CARP to Toronto School Board Czar, Paul Christie. In fact, protest is being voiced by the many CARP members who are appalled by this action.

Mr. Christie’s half-baked fiscal policy decrees the end of all-day senior kindergarten and continuing education courses, in which one in four students are seniors.

Is this to free up money to finance MPP’s pay increases? CARP appeals to provincial MPPs to forgo their pay increase until the educational quality of life of young children and seniors is restored.

In any case, Mr. Christie is demonstrating that he is a numbers cruncher without concern for the impact of his policy.

Queen’s Park must release additional funds for a new, improved policy to ensure the continuation of all-day senior kindergarten and continuing education courses.

The intellectual, psychological and social well being of young children and of seniors demands such a full-baked policy!

CARP is Canada’s Association for the Fifty-plus with more than 400,000 members across the country (80,500 in Toronto). A non-profit organization, its mandate is to promote the rights and quality of life for mature Canadians.

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