Press Release: Counteracting Myths And Stereotypes

July 15, 2003 – Toronto: Nobody has a shelf life. The only thing that’s out of date is the idea that older people don’t deserve the same respect and opportunities as everyone else. Let’s stop age discrimination. It’s old news.”

This is the message featured in the national poster campaign launched by the Ontario Human Rights Commission in partnership with CARP and Shoppers Drug Mart in an effort to counteract myths and stereotypes about older Canadians.

“The myths of aging are already creating serious consequences of discrimination throughout society. And, with an aging population of unprecedented proportions, it is all the more crucial that we replace these myths with realities of healthy and active living for all Canadians, whether in the workplace, our health care system or every sector in between.”
Judy Cutler CARP Director of Communications

“Given (our) growing population of older persons, we need to look at attitudes towards aging and how such attitudes place older persons at an increased risk for discriminatory treatment. The campaign serves as a reminder that negative attitudes about aging should not stand in the way of equal opportunity and participation for older (Canadians)”.
Keith Norton
Ontario Chief Commissioner of Human Rights

“It is important that we all work together towards counteracting myths and stereotypes about older members in our society.”
Arthur Konviser
Shoppers Drug Mart Senior Vice-President of Public Relations

Ageism and age discrimination must be addressed with an impending and unprecedented age revolution in Canada and globally. It is good news, indeed, that these posters will be displayed at Shoppers Drug Mart Stores across the country from July 26th to August 9th, 2003. On the Stores’ ‘Seniors Day’, July 31, a leaflet on age discrimination will be distributed.

For more information on ageism and age discrimination, please contact the Ontario Human Rights Commission at 1-800-387-9080 or CARP, Canada’s Association for the Fifty-Plus at 1-800-363-9736 or 416-363-8748 x.241.