Press Release: Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

For Immediate Release

July 29, 2003 – Toronto: The media seems bent on knocking the older fans of the Rolling Stones – as well as the Stone’s themselves. Sure, Sir Mick has just turned 60. And the other boys in the band are around the same age. But anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that the Stones haven’t lost their energy, edge or talent. Nor have most of their older fans lost their energy, edge or enthusiasm.

The depictions of Mick, the boys in the band and their older fans are ageist — and unrealistic. Replace ageism by racism and sexism, and you get irresponsible journalism. Perpetuating the myths of aging is no different.

Wake up, media and hear the music. Our population is aging, yes. However, they are still rocking, but not in a rocking chair. By 2030, one in four Canadians will be over 65 and this new demographic will be a continuing reality for the ensuing 30 years or so. The new older generation will live healthier and active lives. The media – and society – have to embrace the realities of this demographic rather than painting sniggering pictures. Explore this inevitable change in an open, positive and honest manner.

So, as we celebrate the Stones, lets also express a joyful sound for the generations they reflect.

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