Press Release: How Senior Friendly are your policies, Premier Eves

For Immediate Release September 9, 2003 – Toronto, Ontario: If Premier Eves’ policies are senior friendly, then how come CCACs are announcing cutbacks in home and community care services because the funding that Queen’s Park promised in 1998 is not flowing? Why is the crisis facing Home and Community Care being ignored? What about seniors who are paying as much as 80 per cent of their low fixed income on rent? And, when will Ottawa’s funding for affordable rental housing be matched and spent in Ontario? What about seniors whose property taxes are going through the roof because of Current Value Assessment being well over the amount of the property tax credit? Or the thousands of family caregivers who have had to leave work to provide home care for elderly, frail parents or spouses? Many of them have no income, and are therefore not eligible for a tax credit. Moreover, how do tax credits benefit low and fixed income seniors, and provide necessary cash flow to combat poverty? How do they help the growing number of seniors going to food banks? Could re-imbursements for education taxes create intergenerational conflict contributing to ageism? Premier Eves’ policies raise a lot of questions when it comes to benefiting seniors. For further information: Judy Cutler, Director of Communications 416-363-8748 x241 e-mail: [email protected]