Our readers more concerned about health than global warming

Results of survey in previous issue of CARP Action.

Readers of CARP Action Online are much more concerned about fixing Canada’s health care system, than about global warming, according to the survey in our previous issue.

Based on 2,737 responses, only 27.1% strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement, “I am more worried about global warming than about health care,” while more than twice that number — 62.4% — strongly or somewhat disagreed.

When the statement was turned around — “I am very concerned about global warming, but I think fixing our health care system is a more urgent priority” — the margin in favor of health care was even stronger. 82.1% strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement, while only 12.8% strongly or somewhat disagreed.

Respondents also displayed a very pragmatic attitude to the issue of the environment itself. They were asked to react to this statement: “When it comes to the environment, I am more concerned with immediate steps that I personally can take, than with the pros and cons of the Kyoto treaty.” A total of 77.7% strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement, while only 16.9% strongly or somewhat disagreed.

While the margins are fairly dramatic in this case, it must be stressed that this is not a scientifically accurate survey, since it is based only on those who chose to reply and there is no way to guarantee that they are a representative sample.