Fitness, boomer-style

And then there’s the social support. “We make it a policy to know every member’s name – and we’ve even been asked to give ‘friendly reminder’ phone calls to members who haven’t shown up for awhile,” she adds, with a laugh.

Members also have an opportunity to mix socially through cooking classes, weekly wine-tastings or a shared post-workout juice in the café. The club also offers lectures by a Naturopath, as well as the services of a Registered Nurse and Dietician.

Just do it
So whether you’re into health clubs or home-based work-outs, what’s important is to find an activity you like – and then devise a fitness program around it. “Exercise doesn’t have to hurt – in fact, it can be fun!” says Cleo. “Just find a way to get started – take baby steps – and before you know it, you’ll be addicted. Exercise will become like brushing your teeth: you’ll feel badly if you don’t do it!”

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