Great Canadian blogs

Check out these great blogs, Canadian-style.

Blogs remain one of the most popular types of site on the Internet. But unlike finding an online Canadian news outlet, tracking down Canadian sites can feel like a maze. Don’t worry though – we’re here to help. Here are some great Canadian blogs to check out.

Media about media
Ever wonder what really goes on inside that monolith of Canadian culture, the CBC? Try the official blog for a bit of insight: For those with a more literary bent, BookNinja at is a fantastic look at the literary and publishing scene – not just in Canada, but world wide.

A picture’s worth a thousand words
Canada is an amazingly large country – sometimes it’s hard to grasp it solely by the written word. Try the Daily Dose of Imagery at for a photo blog that really gives a sense of some of the small and large splendours to be found around Toronto and southern Ontario. There’s also the Daily Vancouver Photo blog and Paul Sveda’s blog

Digging in
To appreciate Canada from the ground up, you can check out some fine Canadian gardening blogs. You Grow Girl is one of the first gardening blogs in Canada – and it’s still going strong. It’s available at A less frequently updated, but still intriguing gardening blog invites apartment dwellers and condo owners alike over at Balcony Gardener,

Nourishing picks
Food blogs are another popular choice. One fine blog is Craig Wong’s My Dinner Table at Canadian Baker is not for those on a low cal diet – you have been warned before you click; the URL is

The dirt on sports
If sports are more your scene, check out Bob Weeks’ golf blog at – this is a professional blog and it shows, with insider gossip as well as up to date golf scene information. There’s also James Mirtle’s blog at And of course, there’s Hockey Nation at

Personal reflections
Which personal blogs to read is largely a matter of taste. But for a taste of a truly Canadian-feeling life, try Caribou Ponderer at

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