Your voice: Health care #1 priority

Readers vote: Health care is the overwhelming choice as 2008 priority for CARP.

By an overwhelming margin, readers of CARP Action Online chose healthcare as the first priority for on which CARP should focus in 2008.

Over 1,200 people responded to the online survey in the previous issue; they were asked to evaluate six different possible priorities:

• Health care

• Financial issues, such as pensions, income and benefits

• Elder abuse

• Housing

• The environment

• Employment issues, such as mandatory retirement

There was also an opportunity to choose “none of the above.”

61 per cent of respondents chose health care as the number one priority, and a further 30 per cent chose health care as the second most important topic. Financial issues came second – 27 per cent identified the topic as CARP’s first priority, and a further 45 per cent rated it second.

To help make the results easier to understand, we assigned 3 points for a first place vote, 2 points for a second place vote, and 1 point for a third place vote. Here are the point totals for the various issues:

• Health care – 3,119

• Financial issues – 2,348

• Housing – 645

• The environment – 558

• Elder abuse — 418

• Employment issues – 181

• None of the above – 114

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