Your voice: Readers modestly optimistic; list health as main concern for 2008

Over 1,500 respond to November survey on CARP Action Online.

Readers of CARP Action Online are modestly optimistic about what 2008 will bring, according to last month’s poll. Over 1,500 readers responded.

Almost a quarter (24.3%) expect their financial situation to be better in 2008, while just over 15% expect it to be worse. The balance – 60% – expect it to stay about the same.

Almost the same ratios applied to respondents’ expectations about the quality of life in Canada in 2008. About 22% said they thought it would get better, 15% said they thought it would get worse, and 63% said they thought it would stay about the same.

28% of respondents expect to have more time to pursue recreation or leisure activities in 2008. Only 8% said they expect to have less time, and 64% said they expect to have about the same amount of time.

When asked what their number one concern for 2008 would be, respondents voted overwhelmingly for health. 65% chose health as their priority, followed by finances at 22%. Employment garnered only 1% of the votes, housing only 3%, and “all other” totaled 8%.

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