Money issues the top priority for Fed in 2008, say our readers

December CARP Action survey results show most interest in taxes, pensions.

Last month we asked readers of CARP Action Online to vote on the single most important thing the federal government could do in 2008 to make them happy. Nearly 1500 people voted – and the results tilted heavily toward money. The top item – receiving 25% of the votes – was tax reduction.

In second place – with 23% of the votes – increase pensions. There was almost no difference between the third, fourth and fifth place choices:

• Third place went to “Introduce a national pharmacare plan”, which garnered 13% of the votes.

• In fourth place, ‘End petty squabbling” with 12% of the votes

• Fifth place went to “Be more active on global warming” with 11% of the votes

Some items that have seemed like major issues in the media, gained little support. Only 7% thought the most important issue was getting the troops out of Afghanistan, and only 4% thought the priority should be to spend more on social programs.

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