CARP readers unimpressed by recent federal budget

CARP Action Online readers are unimpressed by recent federal budget, according to our last poll.

The recent federal budget had few proposals that targeted Zoomers besides the Tax Free Savings Account, extension of the Older Workers Targeted Initiative, small improvements in deductions for medical expenses and some tax relief for low income Canadians. In fact, there was so little to attract CARP readers that the total response [820] to our poll is half what it has been the past [1500].

A full 98.4% of CARP Action Online readers agreed that there should have been more federal initiatives on health care, including action on wait times [91.7%], doctor shortages [92.4%] and home care [81.98%].

Surprisingly, only 26.7% thought that the Tax free Savings Account would benefit them and 46.7% thought it would not.

And despite many of our CARP members being particularly vocal on the importance of unlocking Locked-In-funds, a full 70.4% of CARP Action Online readers felt that the issue would not affect their financial situation. There might be something to the remark in previous commentaries that people do not realize that their funds are locked in until they try to access them. And this lack of interest in LIFs would certainly be inconsistent with the very active forums on pensions on the site.