Bill C-51- The Minister of Health clarifies changes to the Food and Drug Act

Finally, our proposed amendments would allow for the creation of an Advisory Committee, including industry, consumers, and health professionals, to provide guidance to government.

These proposed amendments will be debated by the Heath Committee in Fall 2008; opposition politicians and members of the public will have many opportunities to have input into the final Bill.

I would encourage you to visit There you will find more information about Bill C-51 and NHPs, including a question and answer section that contains questions taken from actual letters like yours. If you need more information, there is also an interactive area of the website where you can submit your own questions and receive a personal answer, or a 1-800 number where an operator will provide you with more information.

In the future, under a modernized Food and Drugs Act, the numbers and varieties of NHPs will continue to grow, and Canadians can be confident that they will freely be able to access innovative. safe and effective NHPs.

Your sincerely,

Tony Clement