Finance Minister Flaherty declares “He’s a Zoomer too”

In an exclusive interview with The New Classical 96.3 FM in Toronto, Federal Finance Minister and self-proclaimed Zoomer Jim Flaherty, 58, said he is open to CARP’s top three priority demands. Under the leadership of Executive Director Moses Znaimer, CARP is Canada’s largest and most powerful organization representing the needs and concerns of the country’s Zoomers (Boomers With Zip!), the 14.5 million Canadians 45plus. (To listen to the audio clip of the interview, click here)

Flaherty denied that the federal Conservatives are ignoring Zoomer issues and, if re-elected, stated that the party would examine the following CARP priorities:

1. A Refundable Caregiver Tax Credit

2. A Universal Pension

3. The Elimination Of Mandatory Retirement

“We notified all the parties of what Zoomers want and Minister Flaherty is the first federal politician to state that he is open to our priorities – maybe because as he said, HE’S A ZOOMER TOO”, said Susan Eng, CARP’s Vice President of Advocacy. Zoomers are the largest and most politically engaged demographic. Zoomers control the ballot box. In the 2004 election, Zoomers cast approximately 8.9 million votes. All other age groups combined cast approximately 5.3 million votes. So Zoomers represented OVER 62% of all votes cast.

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