CARP tackles Global Warming

We are pleased to announce that CARP is supporting PowerUp Canada; a new, non-partisan citizens initiative to give Canadians the straight goods on Global Warming.

Did you know that Canada has weaker vehicle efficiency standards than China? Canada needs stronger laws and a new approach to global warming.

PowerUP Canada is an unprecedented coming together of citizens from all walks of life including many people who have never been involved in fighting global warming.

“PowerUp Canada is a cause that resonates well with all generations in Canada and CARP is proud to support it. We we be reaching out to our members and encouraging them to engage in this important initiative.” – Ross Mayot, Vice President of Community Development, CARP.

CARP is joining Canadians across the country who have been making changes in their own lives but realize global warming can only be solved with stronger laws and international agreements.

Visit PowerUp Canada’s website and learn more about how you can help!

Here is a small sampling of the people and organizations who are PoweringUP Canada:

Canada’s Association for the 45+ (CARP)
United Steelworkers Canada
Canadian Jewish Congress
Margaret Atwood
Prof. Thomas Homer-Dixon
Dr. Andrew Weil
Stephen Bronfman
Clayton Ruby
Joseph Wong
Kashmir Dhaliwal
Kiefer Sutherland
Michael Ondaatje
Anne-Marie MacDonald
Moses Znaimer: For full bio click here