Chair Notes #6 – 10/18/008

OCTOBER NOTES: If I wait any longer, this month will be over, and I won’t have written this.

The October meeting of CARP had one item of interest to members, and that is the WOMEN’S DAY WORKSHOP which is planned for November.

Madeleine Mantha is putting the finishing touches on the organization for that day. More information should be available soon.

On the CARP National front, besides the election, the main topic is the Zoomer magazine and the proposed rate change for CARP membership coming in January.

With the AGM scheduled for the last week of October, I would like to hear from YOU about what you like or don’t like about the new Zoomer magazine. Chapter Chairs around the country, and some of our Board members have given comments about the changes. More are expected to be presented at the AGM, and I would like to have YOURS to add to the list.

Please contact me at [email protected] with your reactions to both these topics.

Hope you all voted, and have a busy enjoyable month.

The next meeting of the CARP Chapter Board is Monday, November 3, 2 pm at the Northgate Square Community room. CARP members are welcome to observe the meetings.