Unpublished Letter to The editor of Forever Young:

Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 20:45:25 -0400 From: Hugh Cass chair Halton Chapter – CARP

To: [email protected] Letters to the Editor Forever Young

re: October 2008 issue CARP and “Zoomers” I think some people are taking the idea of “Zoomers” much too seriously. CARP has been losing members in recent years, faster than they have been gaining new members. Moses Znaimer is trying something new to attract attention, and to gain new members. Sounds like the first part is working. Ross Mayot CARP’s VP for Community Development spoke to the Halton Chapter CARP on Sept. 24th. Quote: ‘The term “Zoomers” does not imply that CARP has lost interest in those members that are over 65. It is just marketing pizzazz to revitalize the image and purpose of CARP and attract many more new members in the 45 to 65 age bracket.’ In the USA 45% of Americans 50+ are members of AARP which has 40 million members. When ARRP speaks on behalf of their members, politicians at all levels pay close attention. In Canada we have just 5% of the same age cohort, and we can do better. Change, particularly sudden change is uncomfortable, but CARP must change in order to survive, and to continue advocating on behalf of seniors, Boomers, and Zoomers.

Hugh Cass chair Halton Chapter – CARP