CARP salutes PowerUp for being named to the Tides Top 10 for 2008

PowerUP has been named one of the “TOP 10 of 2008” on Tides annual list.

From Tides: “The selection is based on groups which “effectively address the root causes of complex environmental and social problems, not just the symptoms. This demands innovation, strategic thinking, passion, skill, and cooperation. Their smart ideas and actions are leveraging enormous outcomes that benefit us all.”

PowerUP Canada – Canadians for Climate Leadership

“We chose them for:
building momentum on a Canada-wide push for decisive laws and policies to power up the green economy and reduce Canada’s carbon emissions. calling for the Canadian Government to match world-leading standards for vehicles, buildings and appliances, and invest in a modern “smart” power grid, public transit, carbon sequestration and clean energy. having all living Prime Ministers call for user-friendly areas of policy change, such as an economy-wide cost for carbon emissions and a staggering rate of climate-safe technology deployment. pushing for the Canadian Government and Provinces to match Barack Obama’s planned investments in green jobs . . and renewable energy”

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