Casting Call!

CARP is producing a television special to create greater awareness of the leading issues facing Zoomers today. We are looking for stories from our members or people they know that would be interested in having their stories told. This TV program will get national exposure and highlight the human impact of various government policies on our members and what CARP is doing on your behalf about it.

Savings, Investment and Retirement Income

We’re looking for people:
• living at or below the poverty line due to inadequate CPP, old age pension, or guaranteed income supplement; or
• being forced to withdraw funds from a RRIF with investments that may have lost value in the recent economic crisis; or
• experiencing financial hardship because they are unable to access their locked-in funds.

Home Care

We’re looking for people:
• enduring financial hardship due to lack of income support for family caregivers; or
• experiencing loss of freedom and social contact because they are the family caregiver (defined as spending 50% or more of their time caring for one or more loved ones without having access to respite care; or
• going to extraordinary lengths to secure community and government support services for their loved ones due to lack of information and transparency in the community care access system.

Health & Wellness

We’re looking for people:
• waiting for life-saving or life-extending operations, procedures or medications that can’t be obtained due lack of access or lack of affordability; or
• waiting for elective surgeries and procedures that would materially improve their quality of life; or
• whose health is suffering because they cannot afford important medications for their chronic conditions.

Ageism and Mandatory Retirement

We’re looking for people:
• who have been unable to obtain regular employment in their field due to what they believe has been ageist behaviour in the employment marketplace; or
• who believe their employer left them inadequately prepared for retirement and the life changes that mandatory retirement can bring; or
• who have been forced to retire due to employment policies or collective bargaining agreements that prohibit them to work past a certain age.

CARP Advocacy, Benefits, and Community

We’re looking for people:
• whose lives have improved due to policies that CARP has been instrumental in bringing in such as pension splitting, elimination of mandatory retirement in some provinces, or the 25% reduction in mandated RRIF withdrawals; or
• who have saved money using one of the many CARP services and benefits such as discount home and auto insurance, travel insurance, health and dental insurance, travel services, hotel and motel discounts or anything else that CARP offers; or
• who have met new friends or engaged in their community through the CARP chapter in their area.

If interested please submit a reply to [email protected]