Poll Analysis: lukewarm support for federal budget proposals insufficient reason to go back to the polls

We asked what you thought of the Federal Budget proposals and forwarded your responses to all federal parties so they inform their deliberations. Most of you welcomed broad based tax relief but saw little else of benefit to you in the January 27, 2009 Federal Budget. However, you still did not want an election or change of government.

A substantial majority [85%] were in favour of budget provisions which directly benefited them, such as broad based tax relief, the increased age credit and the home improvement tax credit but felt that you would not benefit from the help for older workers, 5 extra weeks of Employment Insurance and other EI improvements. There was a bit more support [38%] for more seniors’ housing. The divided support for the re-announcement of the 25% reduction in mandated RRIF withdrawals can be interpreted as “better than nothing” or “not enough”.

Despite this somewhat mixed response to the provisions targeting older Canadians, CARP Action Online readers support the Budget overall and a clear majority [80%] wanted the opposition parties vote to support the budget rather than have the coalition take over[10%] or, even less palatable, precipitate a new election [4. 6 %].

“These must be the same poll numbers that the politicians are seeing from their internal polling – which they may interpret as support for their lack lustre championing of our issues. They would be wrong – people just do not want any more upheaval but still want their needs addressed,” said Susan Eng, Vice President, Advocacy of CARP.

“The Opposition should take special note that the budget proposals they claim credit for – social housing and skills training – had little resonance for our members and the demographic they represent – 45plus Canadians who are consistently the most engaged and active voters. We have been clear about what we want and the politicians are not listening,” added Eng

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