Halton Happenings February 2009 Newsletter


February 2009 Issue

Hi Everyone! For the first time, this newsletter is also in e-newsletter format!

New Chapter Action Plan leads to Volunteers Answering the Call

After reviewing the feedback from CARP members across Halton in late 2008, a new Action Plan has been developed by your new Executive Team.

The focus of the 2009-2010 Chapter Action Plan is to address the interests and needs of existing and future members of your Halton Chapter:

1) Membership Feedback: Increase Contact with as many of the 6,000 CARP members across Halton Action: Expand Meetings/Seminars across Halton – starting in September 2009, rotating monthly Chapter Meetings to be held in four main Halton area municipalities

2) Membership Feedback: Increase Chapter members, volunteers and sponsors. Action: Conduct a comprehensive Membership Drive via Community Displays, a regional Halton Chapter Expo/Info Fair, expanded media coverage, etc.

3) Membership Feedback: Provide a new Structure to Govern the Chapter Action: Develop a new Chapter Executive Team and Policy Guideline Documents

4) Membership Feedback: Improve the overall profile of CARP National and our Chapter across Halton. Action: Increase exposure with new Chapter Presentations, Seminars, Publicity, etc.

5) Membership Feedback: Expand knowledge of how CARP can benefit community services in Halton. Action: Invite regional health, social and government officials to Chapter Meetings

6) Membership Feedback: Increase our relationship with CARP National Initiatives Action: Expand our liaison with CARP National Advocacy, Benefits and Community activities


New Chapter Executive Team

Greg Metrakos Chair + Publicity Coordinator

Kate Jones Vice Chair + Program Coordinator

Carol Rice Treasurer and Business Coordinator

Mary Gardner Executive Team Secretary

Vicki Ward Member Services Coordinator

Fred Crockett Community Sponsorships

Mike Lansdown Advocacy Coordinator

Ruth Watkins Hospitality Coordinator

Peggy Shippee Seniors’ Centre Coordinator

Hugh Cass Past-Chair

Harry Bowers Honourary Chapter Chair

We are still looking for a volunteer from Milton and Halton Hills Please contact Greg Metrakos at [email protected] If you are interested or have any questions.

Ontario Makes It Easier to Know Your Health Care Options

Ontario’s Ministry of Long Term Care is helping you to identify health care options to make better choices for family’s health care needs. Check out this new website to explore health care choices available to you in your community ;


You will find: Health Care Options Medical Services Directory ? This will provide alternatives to an emergency room visit? Telehealth Ontario – Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential telephone service. Contact a Ontario nurse, at

1-866-797-0000 or TTY 1-866-797-0007.

You do not need to provide your health insurance number.

Health Care Connect – If you don’t have a family doctor or provider you can register for the Health Care

Connect program by calling toll free 1-800-445-1822.

Community Care Access Centres – (CCAC) operate branch and site offices across the province. CCACs are the local organizations established by Ontario to provide access to government-funded home and community services and long-term care homes. CCAC Staff will be invited to attend the MARCH HALTON Chapter Meeting.