50&Più Olympiad 2009: Package Offer for AARP Global Network Member Organization’s members

Our friends at 50&Più Turismo (a subsidiary of 50&Più, an AARP Global Network member) are offering a 9 day/8 night travel package to visit Rome, Italy to participate at the 50&Più Olympiad 2009 in the southern Italian province of Puglia.

The 50&Più Olympiad 2009 will be held in southern Italy at a resort village in Marina di Ginosa (Taranto), situated on a beach by the Ionian Sea.

CARP members will have the opportunity to compete in friendly sporting events at the Olympiad with members of 50&Più and other Network organization such as AARP, DaneAge from Denmark, ANBO from The Netherlands.

Participation in the sporting events is encouraged but not required. The sporting events will include archery, soccer (penalty goal kicks), basketball (free throws), swimming, ping pong, running, and several other non-strenuous sporting events.

The two kilometer runs (mini-marathons) for men and women are the flagship events. Each are held on the last day of the Olympiad.

The evening of the last day will include a celebration dinner, medal-presentation and closing ceremony that includes fireworks.

Other cultural and social events and workshops will also be available for the participants to attend at no additional cost.

The bus tours in Rome and Puglia will be conducted in English.

There will also be an adequate number of English-speaking staff available on the property and at the hospitality desk for non-Italian guests.

More information on this offer, as well as the itinerary is available, click here