Don’t’ forget to submit your Nominations for CARP’s 25th Anniversary

“I can think of a dozen people who could be nominated” says General Richard Rohmer. Gail Hinchliffe says she too can think of several people deserving of the honour. And Dr. Colin Powell, who practices Geriatric Medicine at Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, says he meets people on a weekly basis who are worthy of the nomination.

All three of those individuals are members of CARP’s Advisory Board and along with their fellow Advisory Board members—Monika Deol, David Crombie, Dr. Ron Keast, Senator Larry Campbell, Pier Giorgio DiCicco and Dan Braniff—they are looking forward to receiving your nominees for the Top 25 Canadians Award.

CARP is calling upon its members to submit their nominations for a person, or persons, who they believe has made a difference in the lives of Canadians as they age. This is not a call for the rich and famous, but rather an opportunity to identify and pay tribute to the every-day heroes who, through their work or volunteer actions, or other forms of service, have contributed to the quality of life of Canadians as they age.

Everyone knows someone who is, or has been:
• a caregiver, who’s approach is based upon compassion, respect and the right to dignity for all humans;
• an advocate who without fanfare, has helped individuals or groups gets things done;
• an advisor, or mentor, who has inspired others through their leadership;
• a volunteer who always seems to have time to do something for others;
• a business person who demonstrates a strong sense of community building;
• an author, or artist, who’s work inspires us.

The list could go on, but you get the idea. The point is there are special individuals in each of our communities throughout the country who make all of our lives better and more enjoyable. As part of our 25th Anniversary, we want to recognize and celebrate the deeds and spirit of these individuals. But we need your help.

So send us your nominations. Send in two or three nominations, along with a short explanation as to why you are nominating them. Tell your friends about the Award and encourage them to submit their nominees. Our Advisory Board is standing by.

Send your nominations by email to: [email protected] or regular mail to CARP, 27 Queen St. E. Suite 702, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2M6 Attention: 25th Anniversary.